Pet Reflections

A Celebration of Your Pet's Life

Many families choose to have their own informal funeral or reflection for their pet, once we have returned your pet's ashes to you.

These can take many forms and are as unique as your family and friends.

One suggestion we make to families is that the family and friends of the pet may like to gather in a location where they really had fun with their pet.

You may like to have a photograph of your pet and make a small memorial display of your pet's possessions.

Each member of the family or a friend may like to tell the group how they felt about the pet, or recount their favourite memory of your pet. Children, in particular, find this a valuable grieving process.

Several members of your family can then solemnly scatter the pet's ashes and your family can say 'Good Bye'.

Religious families may wish to say a prayer for their pet at this time.

Your family and friends may then like to enjoy a picnic or snack together, celebrating the life of the pet you all loved.

"You Were My Best Friend, I Will Never Forget You."

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