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The History of Pet Water Cremation

The Pet Water Cremation process is scientifically known as Alkaline Hydrolysis. Alkaline Hydrolysis was originally granted a patent in the United States in 1888.

Pet Water Cremation is branded internationally with a range of names including Aquamation, BioCremation, or Green Cremation.

Alkaline Hydrolysis involves enclosing the deceased in a stainless steel cylinder that is filled with an alkaline and water solution which is heated to approximately 90 degrees Celsius.

Alkaline Hydrolysis uses the combination of flowing water and alkalinity to accelerate the natural course of decomposition.

Alkaline Hydrolysis has proven to be a very effective way of water cremating animal remains that have been infected by infectious diseases, including mad cow disease in the United Kingdom in the 1990's. The use of this process made a significant contribution to the containment of this disease.

In recent years, Alkaline Hydrolysis has become mainstream as Pet Water Cremation, and has become very sought after in the United States for it's excellent environmentally friendly advantages.

Pet Water Cremation is being marketed as 'Pet Aquamation' by a growing number of providers throughout the country.

Members of the general public, as well as Veterinarians and Farming Professionals are taking up this service.

Eco-Friendly Pet Cremations is leading the introduction of Pet Water Cremation in Australia. We are a Melbourne based business.

Pet Water Cremation uses less than 10% of the electricity of tradition fire Pet Cremation and produces no pollution. The price of a Pet Water Cremation is usually equivalent to a traditional fire pet cremation, but without the environmental cost.

Pet Water Cremation is a proudly Australian innovation and has been developed by John Humphries, the CEO of Aquamation International, a company that has it's headquarters in Melbourne.

Mr Humphries has adapted high pressure Alkaline Hydrolysis units for humans to a low pressure model, so that these can be more safely used by technicians. He has also redesigned a version of the low pressure model for the use with pets.

Aquamation International is recognised worldwide as the market leader in Alkaline Hydrolysis units. The company's work has been been highly successful in the prestigious Australian Technologies Competition, where Aquamation International was a finalist in 2015.

Mr Humphries has also been featured discussing his work in articles in celebrated publications including Time Magazine, New Scientist, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Eco-Friendly Pet Cremations is part of the Environmentally Friendly Cremations  business network.

Environmentally Friendly Cremations also makes available Water Cremation as part of it's funeral packages. There is considerable community interest in this innovative process that produces less than 10% of the carbon emissions of traditional fire cremation.

For more information about Water Cremation (Alkaline Hydrolysis), please view the Aquamation International website.