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Eco-Friendly Pet Cremations uses innovative Pet Water Cremation to provide sustainable cremations for pets. We operate in Melbourne's eastern and southern suburbs.

Our business offers a caring and convenient service for pet lovers whose pet has sadly 'passed over'.

Our staff will treat your pet with care and dignity, and will be supportive to your family at your time of loss.

Eco-Friendly Pet Cremations will pick up your pet from your Vet or private home, and return your pet's ashes to you.

We also offer a range of tasteful Pet Cremation Urns. Please note that we do not provide Pet Funeral Services.

We encourage families and friends to conduct their own informal funerals or reflections after your pet's ashes have been returned to you.

Our prices are from $350, including the Pet Water Cremation, collecting your pet, and returning your pet's ashes to your home. Prepaid Pet Water Cremations are also available.

What is Pet Water Cremation?

Pet Water Cremation uses the natural and gentle process of Alkaline Hydrolysis to water cremate your pet.

Traditional fire pet cremation requires very high temperatures and uses significant amounts of electricity to heat the cremation chamber.

Pet Water Cremation operates at a much lower temperature and uses a fraction of the energy of traditional pet cremation.

During Pet Water Cremation, the pet is placed in a stainless steel cylinder and immersed in a solution of heated water and alkaline for several hours.

Pet Water Cremation creates less than 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions released in traditional cremation.

Following a Pet Water Cremation, your pet's remains are returned to you in a pet cremation urn in the form of 'ashes'.

Pet Water Cremation is sometimes known by alternative names including Aquamation, BioCremation or Green Cremation. 

Pet Water Cremation is becoming very sort after among pet lovers in the USA, and we are proud to be making this service available in Melbourne, Australia.

Pet Water Cremation is available for all domestic pets including cats, dogs of all sizes, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, goldfish, lizards, snakes and more. Please enquire if you have an exotic pet and we can confirm if Pet Water Cremation is available.

Call John on 0438 318 802 or email to arrange a Pet Water Cremation. Pet Water Cremations can also be purchased through our online store.

Eco-Friendly Pet Cremations is proudly Australian owned and part of the Australian Green Funerals business network.

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