Eco Business Opportunity - Pet Aquamation Equipment

A Pet Aquamation uses less than 10% of theĀ fossil fuels that are used by traditional fire pet cremation. No pollution is created.

Introducing Pet Water Cremation, by Aquamation

Pet Water Cremation is a more environmentally friendly pet cremation option.

Traditional fire pet cremation requires very high temperatures, and uses large amounts of fossil fuels.

Fire pet cremation produces significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to global warming.

Pet Water Cremation operates at a much lower temperature and uses a fraction of the energy.

Following a Pet Water Cremation, the pet's remains become 'Ashes', as with cremation.

Pet Water Cremation is becoming very sort after among pet owners in the USA and Canada, and we are proud to be making this equipment available to creative entrepreneurs worldwide.

Interested in Owning a Pet Aquamation Centre?

Owning and operating a Pet Aquamation Centre is a wonderful business opportunity for professionals looking to start an eco business.

Operators may choose to offer a range of additional services such as pet funerals, sale of pet cremation urns and keepsakes, books on loss and counselling.

It is entirely up to each operator to decide what services they provide.

Pet Aquamation Equipment is Available Worldwide

We are part of the Aquamation company. We are sellers of world leading alkaline hydrolysis equipment for pets.

This equipment is made in Australia and creates jobs in Australia.

We have done business with leading business and veterinary professionals. Our business also has this equipment available for sale worldwide including to the USA, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

Please contact us to learn more and to receive our latest product brochure.